Kandinsky Trees Gr. Kindergarten



Kandinsky Trees
Kindergarten Lesson

This was a fun lesson that my Kindergartners enjoyed. They started out tracing their hand on brown paper. Then cutting it out and gluing it on to the yellow construction paper.  We then went over small, medium, and large for the circles.  Getting them to differentiate the sizes was challenging however you can modify your lesson by having them either draw small, medium, and large circles on different color paper, or you can have them start out drawing the small circle cutting it out and gluing it onto a different color construction paper.  Then have them draw a “Bigger” circle around it, cutting it out and gluing it on to a different color paper.  Then draw a “Bigger” circle around that one.  They will end up with a three circle pattern that they can now glue onto their branch.  Remember be Art Smart and have fun.

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