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I had the pleasure to watch one of my talented Amazing Artist create this masterpiece 🤩. She is only in Grade 10.

This is not a photograph
Here is a picture of the photograph next to the actual drawing 🤩🙌🏽

All About Me

This was an IB PYP Unit. My students took their time and learned so many elements and principles of art in this transdisciplinary unit. I’m obsessed 😍 Grade 4 & 5

Bugs in a Jar

My 2nd Graders learned how to draw different types of insects.  They first traced a template of a jar.  Then they drew their bugs inside the jar.  I then had them trace their drawing with a black oil pastel/ black crayons will also work.  Then they used watercolors to paint their bugs and their jar.  Lastly they cut out their jars and counted the bugs inside.